I grew up in the countryside as a child of an international artiste family. These widely conflicting factors continue to shape and motivate my personal circumstances to this day and is particularly reflected in my musical work.

Thus, I grew up geographically and emotionally between a home and homelessness, musically between Mozart and Gershwin, Chatschaturjan and Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong, as well as between Bach and Andre Heller.

Now I know that this wide range is responsible for my openness and also for my ability to be moved and influenced by various musical styles and to experience magnificence in its diversity.

Everyday I experience that every (artistic) effort is wasted if it does not result in the listener or audience being touched. This is why I am particularly pleased when, after my concerts, members of the audience say that I was able to reach their inner emotions. Those listeners give a real and deeper meaning to my singing. For this meaning in my life I am truly and sincerely grateful.

Yours sincerely, Simone Helle